Question-Mark_V31…to Ask an Engaged Couple

Before you get too bogged down in arguments about whether to have a castle wedding venue or not, whether to have a church or civil ceremony and whether the chicken or the beef, prepare yourself for the series of ‘well meant’ questions from friends, family and random enquirers. You can expect any of the following and recommend having a good laugh about it now.

For readers who know someone who is engaged – have a care and avoid pestering them with the following 10 unhelpful questions –

  1. Have you done everything yet?
  1. Why does the Bride get to do a speech?
  1. How much have you spent on all this?
  1. Can I bring a plus one?
  1. Isn’t your Mum helping with that?
  1. You’re running out of time to pick a venue, don’t you think?
  1. Who’s idea was that then?
  1. (anything that leads with) Why don’t you….?
  1. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for everyone if you had everything in the same place?
  1. Who’s got more guests on their side?

Unhelpful Questions