Have you seen Tidying Up with Marie Kondo yet? If you haven’t seen it, it’s a Netflix programme about people wanting to organise their homes. Marie Kondo helps them and, by doing so, they find joy in their homes. My sisters told me about it, and I’ve binged it whilst reorganising my whole house. There’s no judgement, just simple acceptance that you should keep the things that make you happy. Which is great because I’m a book hoarder and they all bring me joy!

And as I was reorganising my kitchen drawers, it occurred to me that this principal can be expanded out to other areas in your life. Like socialising, the people we spend time with, what to and what not to have in your wedding. See, there was you thinking this had nothing to do with weddings, but there was a point to my ramblings.

So, how do you plan your wedding based on Marie Kondo’s principles? Here’s how.

Imagine Your Ideal Wedding

Read that title again. The key part of that phrase is “your”. This is not your best friend’s wedding, or your mother’s, or your neighbours, or the person at the supermarket checkout. It’s yours. What do you want from your wedding? What does it look like? What do you look like? Once you know that, you can make a start.

Organise by Category

Don’t attempt a scattergun approach, doing bits here and bits there, or you could up with three pairs of shoes, seven sets of stationary and no DJ. So, break your wedding down by category; ceremony, breakfast and evening, or outfits, stationary, flowers, decoration, food and music. Whichever makes sense to you because bite-sized jobs aren’t so overwhelming.

Does it spark joy?

This is the key thing, the key message, does it spark joy? Simply, that means if something makes you happy, keep it. If not, let it go. Let’s look at the first principal again, imagine your ideal wedding.

Your wedding is not about keeping up with the Jones’s. It doesn’t matter if your cousin had a rose wall backdrop for photos. If you don’t love it, if it sets off your hay fever or you find the smell of roses too heavy, then don’t have one. It doesn’t matter if your grandma doesn’t like tiaras because if you love them, have one.

It’s also not about compromising or making do. I guarantee you there will be a pair of shoes you love in your price range. You don’t have to settle for favours that aren’t meaningful to you. Keep searching until you find the things that match your ideal wedding. This is why we suggest starting to organise your wedding a good year in advance. It gives you the chance to find the things that bring you joy rather than settle because you’ve run out of time.

So, there you go. Three tips for having a joyful wedding that is exactly what you want. Now, go and watch the show. It’s amazing. I guarantee you won’t get more than two episodes in without getting the urge to reorganise your house.

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