Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings

Before you choose the flowers for your all important wedding bouquet, it may be interesting to find out their hidden meanings. You may not realise it, but many of the popular wedding flowers have symbolic meanings that go back for centuries.




Symbolises – Enduring Passion Enthusiasm Friendship Desire Joy

The rose is possibly the most enduring of all wedding flowers, with so many colours and beautiful scents to choose from.

They are perfect on their own or mixed with other blooms.



Symbolises- Refinement Elegance Grace.

Lavender adds a delicate touch to any bouquet, it’s calming scent will help to relax any pre wedding nerves.




Symbolises – Loyalty Longevity Intelligence Happiness

Sunshine in a bouquet…the sunflower is the essence of summer; its beautiful bright colour exudes happiness.




Symbolises – Romance Prosperity A Happy Marriage Compassion

Popular with many brides, the delicate petals and pastel colours of the peony make a fairytale style bouquet.



Baby’s Breath

Symbolises – Unity Innocence Spirituality Long Lasting Love

These delicate white flowers are often used to fill in between the larger blooms of a bouquet, they also look equally pretty on their own.




Cala Lily

Symbolises – Purity Faithfulness Innocence

The Cala lily is available in many colours, but the classic white lily as shown here has to be a perfect wedding flower for the bride who is looking for elegance and style.


Symbolises – Charm, Attraction

These gorgeous blooms look just like a sunset in flower form!




Symbolises – Sleep Peace Fertility

Poppies make a lovely addition to any bouquet, just be careful to avoid the red variety as they are symbolic of death.



Symbolises – Motherhood Innocence Friendship New Beginnings

Daisies are so pretty, and perfect if you are looking for a country style bouquet.




Symbolises – True Love

So many varieties and colours of tulips to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this flower in your bouquet.




Symbolises – Love  Luxury  Beauty

Another perfect wedding flower, the white orchid oozes style and elegance.


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