So, we’ve looked at the responsibilities of the father of the bride, but what about the mothers? Today, we’re looking at the wedding tasks that only a mother can do.


Organising a wedding takes a lot of time and sometimes the engaged couple can’t always manage everything.

As the mother of the bride, you can help with this. Based on the happy couple’s specifications, you can find venues in their chosen area that fit and help them narrow down what they want.

You can also go with them as they view the locations, acting as a critical friend. That doesn’t mean someone cynical about every aspect, but someone who challenges respectfully to make sure they’re not getting carried away.

Dress Shopping

This is perhaps the biggest of all the responsibilities, helping find the right dress. If your daughter has a specific designer she wants, then you could find local stockists and book appointments for them. And while she is trying the dresses on be as supportive as you can. This is an emotional moment for both of you, and you don’t want to upset your daughter.

Point of Contact

Similar to researching, you can act as a point of contact for suppliers to give your daughter and her partner some head space. It might only be for the evening band, or the day’s transport, but for every phone call you make or take, it’s one less they have to deal with.

You can also act as a problem solver. Hopefully, there won’t be any problems, like a delay with the wedding dress or a supplier cancellation. However, if there is, then you’re more likely to keep a level head while dealing with it than the bride.

Sounding Board

Which leads nicely to the next responsibility, listening to all the bride’s concerns. She may not have any. The whole planning from start to finish could be the easiest thing in the world. But should she start to have doubts about the colour scheme or her bouquet or any of the other details, you should be ready to listen and calm her down.

The Guest List

Ultimately, the bride and groom will have the majority of input into this area, but there are still plenty of ways you can help. You need a master copy of sent invites and replies, and someone will need to source all the addresses for sending the invites. The couple may want to invite someone but have no idea where they live.

This is also an area where your son- or daughter-in-law’s mother can help too as she can get the addresses for her side of the family.

Hen Parties

Just as the father of the bride should go to the stag do if he’s invited, then you should go to the hen party. Usually, brides split the activities of their hen party, so there is something for everyone. Go to the parts you feel comfortable with, but don’t feel pressurised to go to the night clubs with your daughter.

Alternatively, your daughter might have a family only hen party like an afternoon tea or dinner which, as the mother of the bride you should go to.

Greeting People

On the day, as part of the main party, it is the responsibility of the mother of the bride to thank everyone for coming. You will be at the ceremony venue before your daughter, so you have time to circulate and thank everyone personally.

Or, if you’re the one giving your daughter away, then once the wedding is over, you can thank everyone then. The guests will understand you had more important things to do before the ceremony.


No law says only the men give the speeches, so if you feel strongly about saying a few words, then you should. And if you are taking the responsibilities that traditionally belong to the father of the bride, then you are definitely doing a speech.

Enjoy the Party

And the final responsibility is to enjoy yourself. You’ve put a lot of hard work into helping your daughter and her partner get down the aisle, so now it’s your turn to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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