We’re looking at dresses today, and one style in particular; short wedding dresses. Now, when I say short, I mean any dress that doesn’t reach the floor. And if you haven’t picked your dress yet, here are some reasons why short is best in some cases.

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They are perfect wedding dresses but any one of these gorgeous numbers can be worn again. It could be a formal event or an occasion you just want to dress up for like the theatre or milestone birthday party. I wouldn’t recommend another wedding though. The bride might quite rightly have a few words to say about that. Plus, these dresses can cost less, making them great value for money all around.

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They’re easier to transport than a full-length dress. I remember nearly breaking my arm carrying mine around. A shorter dress will also be lighter to wear, giving you more freedom to move, especially if you’re planning to own the dance floor later.

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Practical matters, ladies. Using the bathroom can be a logistical nightmare with a long dress. You might need bridesmaids support or opt for the sitting-facing-the-cistern approach. This is not an issue with a shorter dress. You’ve got this on your own.

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Some weddings suit a shorter dress in my opinion. If you’re having a relaxed, fuss free or vintage style wedding, any one of these will complement your wedding style.

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These would also be great dresses if you were having a civil ceremony or a registry office rather than a formal church service. If you’re keeping your service simple, why not make your dress simple too.

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Lastly, it’s a matter of taste. Your taste. If you tend towards the traditional long dress then go for that, but this is your day and your dress should express your personality. Pick a dress you will be comfortable in and if that is an LBD in white or a vintage tea skirt dress, then go for it.

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Most wedding dress boutiques will stock some shorter dresses so, when you’re in there, don’t just pass them by. Try one on, you might just be surprised.