It’s the million-dollar question for every betrothed couple and there remains a universal expectation that wedding planning is incredibly stressful, demanding, all-consuming and at times impossible. We are all familiar with the common family disagreements, battling over budgets, arguing over the guest list…but it really needn’t be that way. We’re here to show you how to do simple and stress free weddings.

The union of two people in love is, in our opinion, really quite straightforward. As much as most people dream of a day that is ‘perfect’ and memorable for all involved, the truth is that in many respects you are out of control.

Here is our five point plan to avoiding the cultural conditioning of wedding stress:

Decide Straight Away What Matters Most To You

More often than not, when you both really think about it, it boils down to between 1 and 3 key areas that you each really care about, be it the food, the music or the speeches. It may be that your first dance is high on your list of cares and it’s important that you give each other permission to really care about seemingly small details. Allow each other differences in priorities and keep focusing on them.


Involve those you love by assigning them tasks, be it significant or small. When you ask them, tell them how grateful you would be if they did you the honour of taking on that task. If they would prefer not to, respect their decision and move on.

Have Weekly Date Nights

It may be that date nights need to include wedding discussion or really need to be free of anything wedding related, but either way prioritise that time together regularly. It will keep everything in perspective and is a way of investing in your marriage before you have sealed the deal.

Free Yourself of Other Peoples Agendas

Weddings are a big deal, not just for the couple, but everyone around them. The sooner you accept that, the easier it will be to understand potential tantrums from family and friends! If someone makes your day about them, step back and let them deal with their own agenda. It’s not your problem.

Relinquish Control

Accept that everything won’t go according to plan and that it will still be ok. If you can laugh at flaws in advance you are far more likely to relax on the big day. Small variations to what you had intended won’t be remembered, but how you and others feel certainly will be. Relationships are far more important than things, so let go of what you can’t control, breathe and relish the moments.