We all know the rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. People quote it at brides like we’re supposed to understand what they signify. Today I’d like to explore what something old means and ways you can bring it into your wedding.

All four items (old, new, borrowed, blue) are good luck objects, and the rhyme is rumoured to have come from the Victorian era. Something old was meant to ward off the Evil Eye and protect future children in the marriage. It can also signify the bride’s link to the past and her family.

There are a couple of different ways you can fulfil this element, and all are pretty easy.

The first is jewellery. My grandmother gave me a gold sovereign on a chain when I got engaged, my favourite piece of hers, and I wore it on my wedding day. Perhaps you already have a piece of jewellery from an older relative that holds emotional importance for you, like I did. You could wear that instead of buying new or have it on your person in a little pouch.

If you don’t have something already, but there’s a piece of jewellery your mother, grandmother, aunt has that fits your look, then ask the question. I am sure they’ll be honoured you want to have a piece of them close.

Another idea is a piece of clothing. We looked at garters recently and how some brides opt for incredibly ornate pieces to gift as an heirloom to their daughters. Using a vintage garter fits the bill as well as being environmentally friendly.

If garters aren’t your thing, you could look at reusing the veil from a significant female family member. Borrowing something from a successful marriage is bound to give you extra luck!

But any item will work; it doesn’t have to be wedding orientated. It’s all about what holds importance for you. So, be prepared to say no tactfully if every woman you know offers you something to carry down the aisle for luck, or you won’t be able to hold your bouquet.

And grooms can also have something old on them if they want to get involved. For example, using cufflinks or a tie pin that belongs to their father means they can get involved too.

The final part of the rhyme is “and a silver sixpence in your shoe.” This is different to the something old because the silver sixpence represents a wish for wealth in your marriage. However, if you don’t want to carry lots around with you or don’t want a coin in your shoe, you can wear one as a necklace or charm on a bracelet or in your bouquet. Be as creative as you can in incorporating these elements in your look.


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