We are all looking for ways we can live more sustainably. We can minimise our wedding’s impact on the environment by avoiding single-use plastics and using local suppliers. Your engagement ring is another way to reduce your impact by option for a synthetic diamond over a mined diamond.

Synthetic diamonds are just like the real thing, except they are laboratory-made in a dramatically shorter time than in nature. There is also no dip in quality with synthetic diamonds over mined diamonds which is why Pandora has announced their intentions to switch to lab-created diamonds.

There are many reasons to opt for manmade diamonds. As they can be created quicker and safely in a lab, the cost of the diamonds is cheaper than a naturally grown diamond. This means we get more sparkle for our money.

Another benefit is creating them doesn’t have the same impact on the environment. Mining can be an evasive process, digging into the earth and affecting the surrounding wildlife. There is no need for that with a synthetic diamond. 

There can be little training for the miners, particularly in small scale operations, and they are often underpaid too. We wouldn’t buy coffee that had such poor conditions for the workers, so it stands to reason we shouldn’t for our engagement ring. That’s not to say that all mined diamonds have terrible working conditions. If you want the real thing, it’s worth researching where the diamond comes from to ensure you’re supporting the right business.

There are places worldwide making them; Pandora has chosen UK made diamonds, meaning their carbon footprint is smaller than ones made in America or China due to their proximity. Also, the processes used to make the diamonds can vary. America has the greatest retail market for lab-grown diamonds and is committed to using renewable energy in its creation.

Lab-grown diamonds will not end the mining of diamonds. In some communities, it is a crucial source of income where the workers are treated well. However, they offer an alternative for brides who are eco and purse conscious.


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