The key to giving your wedding the ultimate party-perfect atmosphere is live music! There are many options, from bands and tribute acts to string quartets and opera singers, so we have created a guide to live wedding music to explain each set up of musicians and what kind of mood they create.

Solo musicians

The ambience that a solo musician can bring to your wedding ceremony, breakfast or reception is truly beautiful but there are many different options of artists to choose from depending on what type of wedding you are having!

If you are having rustic themed wedding, then this is the perfect place for an acoustic musician to play! This can come in the form of a singer and their guitar, a solo banjo, or even an acapella vocalist with a tambourine!

If your wedding theme is elegant or traditional, nothing is more angelic and beautiful than the sound of a harp playing. Hiring a harpist for your wedding ceremony would give your guests a form of entertainment that is tasteful, classic and dignified.

Duos, Trios and Quartets

If you love the idea of live classical music then hiring a form of duo, trio or quartet could be for you!

These are most commonly made up of a combination of violins, violas or cellos and are perfect for squeezing into small venues, but still creating a big sound! Plus, they really know how to make a lasting impression at a wedding celebration!

Wedding DJs

A DJ is one of the most crowd-pleasing forms of wedding entertainment there is and we completely understand why. If there is one way to truly get the party started at a wedding it’s an entertaining, engaging and lively DJ, guaranteed to get your wedding guests up and dancing!  As they select music from a pool of regularly updated tunes, when you suddenly remember that favourite song of yours on the dance floor, that you need to be played, it’s no problem because they will more than likely have it!

Wedding Bands

If DJ’s aren’t quite your style, why not go for a live wedding band? This kind of entertainment can transform your wedding reception into something really extraordinary by providing the absolute festival atmosphere!

The new and modern take on wedding bands are all about the 80’s! So, if Cyndi Lauper is your guilty pleasure, hiring an 80’s themed band for your wedding reception is a great idea. The chances are it will also be to your guests’ taste, so it’s a win for everyone!