Hiring a Professional Photographer
Many couples over the years have struggled with the whole concept of photography at their wedding. These days photographers are one of the larger costs of a wedding, with those unfamiliar with the skill of photography finding it hard to justify thousands of pounds on someone who points and clicks a button. For some having their picture taken makes them feel really awkward, can’t bear the thought of posed photographs with hours of the day spent calling different wedding guests up to the podium. Thankfully the wedding industry has learnt and understood these fears and there are now a plethora of talented, artistic, friendly and skilled photographers available to make this a passing anxiety.

Choosing a photographer whose portfolio you really like, but also who you have a rapport with, is important because they are not just creating photographs but capturing memories.

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You may be surprised at how often couples go back over their wedding photographs, which to some may seem self-indulgent (we all know someone who is still changing their Facebook profile picture to a different shot of their wedding day, five years later!), but couples will experience these memories in a different way each time they go back to them and remember something new. They also remind you (lest you forget!) what a monumental commitment you made to each other and how wonderful that is. Although there might be amusement in numerous guest selfies taken on disposable cameras or uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, these pictures don’t represent the beauty of your marriage in quite the same way as a professional can.